Sep 11

ARM – 56 Live Class

09/11/17 2:38pm to 2:39pm

The ARM – 56 Live Class will start Monday, September 11, 2017


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  • See the Syllabus updated as of August 9, 2017 Here
  • Order books, study materials, and schedule exam at
  • Exam windows: January 15 – March 15;  April 15-June 15; July 15-September 15; October 15-December 15 (segmented testing available as shown below)
  • Order your books at and enroll for the classes at
  • Location:

  • Law Offices of Lynn Leonard

  • 2400 Century Parkway

    2nd Floor, Deposition Room D

    Atlanta, GA 30345

             NOTE:  You will need a photo ID to enter the building. 


Your instructor is Elise Farnham. Feel free to reach out to Elise with any questions at